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Dirksen Derby 2014

Snowboarding in the Northwest has been off to a slow start everywhere but Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. Last weekend the entire state of …


Tis The Season

Fall is right around the corner and you know what that means?!  Snowboard video premiere season! Prep your livers.  Maybe it’s just …


2010 Banked Slalom

The Banked Slalom was last weekend.  Good times for sure.  Read about it on one of these fine websites. (Tackledbox, BoredYak 1, …

I Wish I Was Regular

For some reason i can’t surf rights for sh!t.  Maybe cause most of the of the waves in the NW are lefts….This …

Time Laspe – Surf

Here’s a time lapse a friend of mine recorded a few months ago.  Weird seeing a wake from people as they paddle …

The Cove 121909 4

The Cove 121909

Surfed the Cove last Saturday (12/19).  Super fun, really big, savage.  Fun, fast drops.  Made it down the line only a few …


Early on in my surfing adventures i realized that i needed a mini-van.  It wasn’t because i wanted to haul around all …


Westport Sunday 062809

Westport was windy on Sunday.  You probably weren’t there.  Smart. [quicktime][/quicktime]

So Pitted

This video kills me.  Stoke level high.


North Cascades Heli

I lucked out and got to swoop on an open seat in a North Cascade Heli trip last Friday (2/27).  My hommie …


Shred Horror Films

Happy Friday the 13th. Over the past few years, there’s a few snowboarding horror movies have been made.  A horror movie with …


PBR? Cheap Beer My Ass.

I’ve been known to have a beer on the weekends. I’ve been on this program since my poor college days back in …