Taking One for the Team

Well over a year ago (March 2013) i wrote a post about an article that Kim Kircher posted on her site.  My post was titled Fuck You Knuckle Dragger which seemed perfectly fitting.  In it I highlighted a few choice quotes from Mrs Kircher where she more or less bashed on snowboarding. I felt i kept my article fairly neutral and didn’t get derogatory towards Kim.  See for yourself.

The result of my article was a mini snowboarding-interwebs viral backlash against Kim Kircher and Crystal Mountain–Snowboarding was pissed.   Multiple other bloggers wrote about Kim’s article.  Multiple comments of mis-treatment by Crystal were dropped in comments.  Stickers were made.  T-shirts were made.  A Fake-Kim-Kircher twitter account showed up.  Even an Instagram account popped up.  Shit went bonkers for a while and Kim Kircher deleted her original post.  The amount of activity as a result of simply pointing out what Kim Kircher had written on her Blog blew my mind.

Fast forward to February 2014 snowboarding at Alpental for my first day of the season (super late winter up here in the NW last winter).  Ticket checker scans my pass and notes to me that i have a message in his little scanner thing that i’m to call Dan Brewster.  Weird…Ok?  I disregard and proceed to continue to ride a few more times.  Eventually my pass ceases to work.

Story was that Kim Kircher was a little bent on my article and all the resulting stickers/t-shirts/Twitters/Instagrams and handed down a decree to pull my pass.  If you weren’t aware, Crystal Mountain or Boyne Resorts owns/manages/operates/whatever Snoqualmie Pass.  Enough so that Kim Kircher was able to call up Dan Brewster, the General Manager at Snoqualmie Pass and kill my pass.

Shitty, and shady stuff for Kim Kircher to pull my pass for simply pointing out how asinine her article was even though she agreed as demonstrated by pulling her original article (which you can find here).  As far as i know i’m 86’d from Snoqualmie Pass.  Probably Crystal Mountain too.

I could care less as i’ve retired from snowboarding but figured i’d keep this BS rolling in classic passive aggressive Northwest form.

Have a great summer!









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