Mexican Groundhog Day

TL;DR – Went to Mexico it was sick.

Been to this zone enough that i recognize the same dudes trying to slang trinkets on the beach.  Some say that going to the same place over and over is a waste.  “Go somewhere else!  See the rest of the world”.  But i got this place dialed.  No fucking around–easy in, easy out, and relatively cheap.  In about the same time spent driving to Neah Bay or Pacific City i can be on the ground in Zihuatenejo.  Surfing the same day that you fly.

The area has great wave variety–mellow beachies, to reef-hammertime, to long points all of which turn into monsters with a legit southern hemi swell.  The swell while we were there went from long period 3 feet to long period 6 feet–aka legit.  Wave faces tripled in size.

On the big day we were relegated to the main point in the area.  Normally this spot has a short wall that wraps relatively tight around a point, and fades into deeper water–or urchin covered rocks.  With the larger swell the drops got huge and the short, wrapping walls turned into the exact opposite–long and racey.  Even at size this spot doesn’t wall up very steep but it’s fun as shit.  One of my friends and i were able to do full on powder-8’s on these things.  Giant, slow, arching snowboarding turns on huge slopey walls–giggling like little kids.  So fun.

201305_Troncones _MX-409 201305_Troncones _MX-411 201305_Troncones _MX-404

The other main spot we surf is a heavy and sketchy reef.  The suck off the reef is significant frequently locking you into the lip only to provide you with a savage pile driver.


Best case you make the drop and get a few ginormous, high speed turns, and make it safe into deep water.  Worst case you blow the drop and get pushed into rocks full of urchins.  If the initial wave doesn’t blast you into the rocks you get to enjoy the rest of the set en la cabeza.  One of the bigger days here managed to claim the following from our crew: 1 rashie, 1 bootie.  Guess there’s a reason nobody surfs here…it’s kinda not safe.

Managed to locate some urchins on this trip.  Luckily it got me on the side of my foot.  Feels like fire pulling them fuckers out.  Worse than the urchins were the mal aguas (jellyfishies) at El Rancho.  Holy shit it was like paddling through a giant pile of nettles.  They didn’t hurt that bad but were super annoying.  We all ended up having marks for a few days.


One of my solo trips a few years ago i stayed with a visiting familia de Mexico City.  They hired the locals to fix them up a huge lobster dinner.  We followed suit on this trip and managed to put down 8 kilos between 8 of us.  FYI, 8 kilos of lobster is way too much for 8 people.  Goddamn that was good though….


Can’t wait to go back to the exact same place.  Stay in the same casa, eat the same food, surf the same waves.

Also i saw a shark while in the water.


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