Fuck You Knuckle Dragger

Kim Kircher, the wife of the guy that owns Crystal Mountain wrote an amazingly ridiculous article about snowboarding (backup copy incase she pulls it).

I think what she was trying to say is “data shows that snowboarding is declining, and i think the reason is because it’s difficult.”  But it’s hard not shake ya head when her article is filled with lines such as:

“A snowboard is an inefficient tool.”

“the very thing that makes snowboarding awesome is basically an illusion.”

“I like to think of myself as an open-minded snow sports enthusiast.”

“Snowboarders strap and unstrap a hundred times a day. It must get really old. As far as efficiency goes, that’s a lot of wasted energy. Maybe snowboarders are getting tired of it. Perhaps that’s why the industry is seeing a decline.”

“Snowboarding just isn’t attracting the incoming hoards it once did. And maybe that’s okay.”

“So when I say that snowboarding’s decline might actually be a good thing, I’m speaking from a place of broad-mindedness.”

LOL, openminded.


The Queen of Crystal is basing her blog post off of this article from the NSAA titled “The Future of Snowboarding (backup copy).  The article blabs about a minuscule dip in snowboarder visits.  Well, did skiing decline?  Did snowsports as a whole decline?  Did they take into consideration the recession? How about the horribly shitty winter the entire country except for the Northwest had in 2011-12?

Check out the graph below out of the 3rd page of the NSAA article.  According to the Kottke survey snowboarding drops a whopping 2.4% over two seasons.  Really?!  Bet that spike in 2009-10 is all the layed off people hitting the slopes with that unexpected free time.


Somebody get me a copy of the $500 NSAA “2011/12 Economic Analysis of U.S. Ski Areas” and i will go buck on the data within.  I want to see this same data but with skier visits.  Buy it here.

I would be surprised if all snowsports didn’t decline along with snowboarding–people got less money these days.  Neither the NY Times article, nor the Seattle Times article that the CrystalineQueen cited mention what skier visits did over the same time period.

A-man, my favorite person in the world barely mentioned this shit in a blog post.  Which is weird cause he is or used to be one of the most pissed people i know.  Maybe that tank/pot cookies/baby birds shit is working.  He summed it nicely before going off on an amazing new Capitol Hill bar.

“Bigots and dummies like her are on some amateur shit: they think someone has to lose for them to win.”

When it all comes down to it….snowboarding doesn’t care if it declines.  Less people on the hill = less lift lines and more pow.  Passionate snowboarders will endure.  And if snowboarding regresses into outcast mode and skiiers start harshing again…fucking bring it.  I miss aggressive lift lines.

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