Troncones Mexico – Part 1

Myself and a few friends managed a mini Mexican vacation last week.  Spent five days on Manzanillo Bay, 40 minutes outside of Zihuatanejo–walking distance from a couple surf spots.

We stayed in a place called Merece Tus Suenos.  Super nice, and not too spendy when you’re splitting the cost with a friend or two.  The place was built in the last few years and is managed by a nice local family.  There’s a great little pool, full kitchen, 5 large bedroom set ups, and amazing views. Worth checking out if you’re heading down with a few friends.  If you’re running a solo surf trip and cheap is the keyword, probably not.

We showed up late Thursday evening (May 6th). Of course the first thing i did when we showed up was b-line it to the beach. There was a wave right in front that was hammering. We cracked a few beers and examined it for a bit. Then on to tequila, dip in the pool, and crashed out.

View from Deck

Friday May 7th

The following morning we were in the water before the sun came up–even with a two hour time difference.  Hard to sleep with over stoke. There was only one guy out at Tronconces point when we paddled out but he split after only a couple waves. First session and we had the spot all to ourselves. The swell was 5 to 6 feet with a big period. Waves were head high with frequent over head sets. The wave is a left reef point with a fun drop.  Aside from the occasional set that would swing wide the wave didn’t have much of a shoulder.  The drop was fun as shit but you had to stay pretty tight to the curl–if you got to far down the line the wave would roll right under you.  Quite a few times on the larger sets i’d make the drop, blast down the line, and zip back up and over the shoulder.  I started drawing out my initial bottom turn wider–that seemed to work better with the wave.

That same session we met a guy from Santa Monica who grew up on Van Island.  Said he used to surf there 15+ years ago and was dropping names of all the spots on the US side of the Strait.  Pretty cool to stoke on local spots with a dude 1000 miles from home. Vid below is him.

The water was surprisingly chilly.  Lotta guys were running half mil rashies.  With 53° water back home no way in hell was i gonna pass up the opportunity to surf in shorts–only. I’ll bring a .5mm next time though.

Here’s another vid from Troncones with the water cam hanging from my boca.

That evening we drove out to Salidita–maybe 20 mins away.  There was a good 20 people in the water but that wave has so much room it didn’t really matter.  That part of the day it was pretty blown out but we still were able to nail a few decent rides.  Interesting to see how much more the place has changed in the four years since i’ve been there – more beach development and a paved road.  Last time i was there i’d caught the tail end of hurricane swell.  It was huge.  Swell this time was pretty small.  Very much a longboard wave.

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