Taking One for the Team

Well over a year ago (March 2013) i wrote a post about an article that Kim Kircher posted on her site.  My …


Heavy Times On Tha Coast

Surfing Westport last weekend, Saturday when i noticed a bunch of people/medic stuff going down on the jetty.


Money First, Skatepark Later

The indoor skatepark beneath evo that was about to open a year ago, is still about to open. But now Bryce Phillips …


Shaping The Northwest 2

If you’re in Portland this October 3rd, checka: Second Annual Shaping the Northwest Event Warm Current and WAVES for Development, two Oregon …


Swimming With The Fishes

Was out at La Push a couple weeks ago on a Saturday.  Got in the water around 8am.  Not too many people …


Bali Stories: Scooters

About a year ago, in Spring 2011 i went to Bali for a few weeks. One of the first things you notice..

Swell Speed

Ever wonder how fast swell is moving? Or how much faster is 12 second moving than 15?  Or how long does it …